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Core Knowledge Curriculum is a nationally developed and widely used curriculum as the instructional program. The curriculum is a research-based sequence of information that prepares children to be knowledgeable and critical thinking individuals. Standardized test scores of at-risk students using the approach demonstrates that students, when properly challenged, are fully capable of meeting the challenge.

SRA Open Court

SRA's Open Court is a "research based" reading program designed to teach reading and writing simultaneously.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math is an approach that focuses on incremental development, continual practice, and review. Incremental development is the introduction of topics in easily understandable pieces (increments), permitting the assimilation of one facet of a concept before the next facet is introduced. Both facets are then practiced together

Character Education

The Indiana Schools of Excellence Foundation recognizes that the ethical and moral development of our students is a critical and essential part of its mission and is an integral part of each child's education. Character Education will not be taught as a separate class in the early grades, but will permeate the classrooms and affect the entire school culture. The values such as honesty, respect, trust, and responsibility will become a continual part of the weekly professional development curriculum for teachers.