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Governance Overview
Xavier School of Excellence is governed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for supporting the school’s vision and continuity of leadership. It is responsible for carrying out board responsibilities as outlined in the corporation’s bylaws. The Board may initiate and carry out any program or activity that is not in conflict with or inconsistent with any law or purposes for which charter schools are established.

Board Members
Yolanda Turner-Smith, President
Tamara Collins, Vice President
Rhonda Davis, Treasurer
Christel Hoover, Secretary
Charles Jamerson, Marketing Chair
Albert Smith, Member
Roger Schwager, Member
Phyllis Taylor-Perry, Member

Finance Committee
Yolanda Turner-Smith, Chair
Rhonda Davis
Tania Grimes

Facility Council
The Facility Council is composed of existing and former Board members and the Dean of Students. The primary responsibility of the Facility Council is providing advice to the Governing Board relating to all building concerns.
Advisory committee representative is Kevin Davis and Isaac Hunt

Parent Advisory Committee
The Parent Advisory Committee is made up of parents in the school, together with the Director of Xavier School. The role of the Parent Council is to be the liaison for the school’s parent community who has issues and or concerns.

Parent Resource Network
The Parent Resource Network is made up of a hand full of parents to encourage parent and community involvement in the school through fundraising, promoting parent and volunteerism.
Class Parents are those who take leadership responsibilities and work closely with their teacher. Usually several parents take various roles in areas such as communications, yearbook, and field trips.

Board representative is Christel Hoover.

Governance Committee
Yolanda Turner-Smith, Chair
Tami Collins
Christel Hoover
Isaac Hunt